Turning dreams into goals

Interview with Anwal Gulham (23), from Italy

If I have a dream? Yes, I do, maybe I have too many. They can all be summarized in “I want like to change the world”. I know that I won’t really change the world, not in the big fat meaning that the sentence usually has, but I will leave this earth with giving more than what I got from it. This is how I would like to return all the beauty and amazement I was gifted. I will be a doctor, this is good start. My aim is to get a job in the community, and this will allow me to have a close connection with people. I can be part of that change.

I have participated in two editions of Stay Human. One about Children’s Rights and one about Hate Speech. The first time I participated, I learned a lot about myself. I spotted some things in me that I wanted to change, and I used the year between the first and the second to become better. So the second time Stay Human became my testing ground, to see what I had improved.

In general I think that formal education is cool. You learn things, you have presentations, and slides, and numbers and facts. But sometimes formal education lacks connection. Non-formal education is all about learning through experiencing. And trust me, when you walk in someone else’s shoes for a while, even if you do it just for an activity, you go deeper than numbers. It is a beautiful way of experiencing reality. The most important thing for me, is that it creates connections with the people that surround you.

“Stay Human and non-formal education have  opened my eyes on a whole new prospective to approach the world”

Stay Human and non-formal education have opened my eyes on a whole new prospective to approach the world, aspects of human behaviour, methods of teaching/learning, conflict management where just some of the big topics I brought back with me. These projects really helped me with implementing things I learned in myself. I discovered TEDtalks while talking to other participants, and I learned about people that were inspiring them, so I entered in this path of everyday discovery. Now I almost watch TEDtalks with every meal.

It is difficult to explain how I have grown as a human being. What I know is that have improved. I believed in people before, but now I do it stronger. I had my head in the clouds, but I have started to feel my roots deep in the ground. I had dreams before, but I have gotten some more instruments in my toolbox to understand those dreams, to turn them into goals and then to reach them.

I made the following programmes possible;

Stay Human 1 – Children’s Rights (Romania)

Stay Human 2 – No Hate Speech (Lithuania)


About the Author:

We wanted to start something that was different than what we experienced in our own working life thusfar. We wanted to work with young people in a bold way, in a way that we were really able to listen to young people, to make things happen without being depending on others. And yes, to be honoust, without other people telling us to do things we don't believe in. For me it was essential during the start-up of The Youth Company to create a team of young people that has no hierachal structures but just works with the idea of complementary and appreciation. After 3 years we have proven that this is possible and I still feel a huge connection with every aspect of our organisation. A good result of this non hierachal way of working is that it creates a team that is stubborn, dedicated, open to new people and ideas, caring, passionate and a joy to be part off.

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