Interview with Anwal Gulham (23), from Italy

If I have a dream? Yes, I do, maybe I have too many. They can all be summarized in “I want like to change the world”. I know that I won’t really change the world, not in the big fat meaning that the sentence usually has, but I will leave this earth with giving more than what I got from it. This is how I would like to return all the beauty and amazement I was gifted. I will be a doctor, this is good start. My aim is to get a job in the community, and this will allow me to have a close connection with people. I can be part of that change.

I have participated in two editions of Stay Human. One about Children’s Rights and one about Hate Speech. The first time I participated, I learned a lot about myself. I spotted some things in me that I wanted to change, and I used the year between the first and the second to become better. So the second time Stay Human became my testing ground, to see what I had improved.

In general I think that formal education is cool. You learn things, you have presentations, and slides, and numbers and facts. But sometimes formal education lacks connection. Non-formal education is all about learning through experiencing. And trust me, when you walk in someone else’s shoes for a while, even if you do it just for an activity, you go deeper than numbers. It is a beautiful way of experiencing reality. The most important thing for me, is that it creates connections with the people that surround you.

“Stay Human and non-formal education have  opened my eyes on a whole new prospective to approach the world”

Stay Human and non-formal education have opened my eyes on a whole new prospective to approach the world, aspects of human behaviour, methods of teaching/learning, conflict management where just some of the big topics I brought back with me. These projects really helped me with implementing things I learned in myself. I discovered TEDtalks while talking to other participants, and I learned about people that were inspiring them, so I entered in this path of everyday discovery. Now I almost watch TEDtalks with every meal.

It is difficult to explain how I have grown as a human being. What I know is that have improved. I believed in people before, but now I do it stronger. I had my head in the clouds, but I have started to feel my roots deep in the ground. I had dreams before, but I have gotten some more instruments in my toolbox to understand those dreams, to turn them into goals and then to reach them.

I made the following programmes possible;

Stay Human 1 – Children’s Rights (Romania)

Stay Human 2 – No Hate Speech (Lithuania)