About Maartje Bulthuis

We wanted to start something that was different than what we experienced in our own working life thusfar. We wanted to work with young people in a bold way, in a way that we were really able to listen to young people, to make things happen without being depending on others. And yes, to be honoust, without other people telling us to do things we don't believe in. For me it was essential during the start-up of The Youth Company to create a team of young people that has no hierachal structures but just works with the idea of complementary and appreciation. After 3 years we have proven that this is possible and I still feel a huge connection with every aspect of our organisation. A good result of this non hierachal way of working is that it creates a team that is stubborn, dedicated, open to new people and ideas, caring, passionate and a joy to be part off.
Non-formal education trainer // Board member The Youth Company
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