My comfort zone


Interview with: Manon, 23 years old, from the Netherlands, student social work at Saxion Enschede I had a gap of free time from my school and I asked myself “What can I do to improve

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Learning by doing


Interview with: Benjamin, 19 years old, Aventus Apeldoorn When ClapLab 2 started, at that time I started to get support from my personal helper (Jeroen) and he was asked to come as a leader to

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Let’s go to Italy


Interview with: Lucas, 18 years old, from the Netherlands, student at ROC van Twente  The exchange, in general, was awesome. It was really great. I heard about it at school and I was like: “OK,

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Exchange of views


The foundation of this exchange was based on non formal learning. According to my psychology books, “Learning” is a process which can lead to potential  behavioral change (P.G. Zimbardo, 2014). In other words, as we

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