The foundation of this exchange was based on non formal learning. According to my psychology books, “Learning” is a process which can lead to potential  behavioral change (P.G. Zimbardo, 2014). In other words, as we learn, we can change the way how we perceive our environment and lead our interactions. Isn’t that just great?

So, I was curious what different knowledge or skills the participants had acquired during the exchange about Gender Based Violance, in Italy. Therefore I decided to make interviews. I got very fascinated by the diversity of different results of realms, such as political, cultural and personal.  I invite you to witness the outgrowths of the participants.

Ana, what were the most important recognitions for you  during the G.B.V exchange?

(Left to right) Ana Popescu, Medicine student from Romania.
Indre (Lithuania), Barbara (Slovenia), Mireia (Spain), llanos (Spain), Sara (Italy). During an activity about Human Rights on the streets of Ostra City Center

Ana: “I learnt that Gender Based Violence (G.B.V) has similar causes in many European countries. In my country are many organizations that deal with G.B.V and domestic violence. It is extremely important to know your rights because even the few rights that we have are not enough. Some articles in the “Romanian Penal Code” should be changed. There are many petitions that ask for this change, but few people know about them. I think in my country, a restriction order should be emitted every time the victim goes to the police, immediately. I also learnt about the difference between what is presented in the media and what it is really like in various countries. I think there can be different experiences regarding how human rights are respected in the very same way. Also i have learnt that people can be kinder than I initially thought. I have noticed that my opinion can easily change and that sometimes it is better to be less determined when talking about certain issues”

Laura, what have you learnt on the Exchange of G.B.V?

Laura Sebestinaité, 17 years old, (Youngest participant) Student, from Lithuania. Breath taking view of the landscape from the pool terrace, Ostra Italy.

Laura: During the exchange I’ve learnt that I’m brave enough to approach people and start a discussion which was impossible thing to me before the exchange. Before coming there, I have had very little knowledge about G.B.V , only basic things but I came home with a lot of new information and emotions which made a huge effect on me and made me want to help. And of course, meeting other nations in person was a new experience to me, I’ve voided some stereotypes and changed my points of view. Other participants taught me tolerance and understanding between groups of people. To sum up, the exchange was one of the most valuable things that happened to me in years.

-Barbara, would you like to share your gained insights with us?

(Left to right) Mercedes (Spain), Barbara Subotič (Politics Student, from Slovenia), Sinem (Netherlands), Indre (Lithuania). Presenting an activity in form of role play about stereotypes.

Barbara: “Yes. The most important aspect for me was talking about different types of violence especially psyhological violence, because I have realised that I’ve been a victim of this kind of violence in previous relationships and at that time I didn’t even know that. So I have learnt here a lot of important things for my life and which things I need to be careful with in the future”

Since we know that learning can change the perception and interaction with our environments, I am very delighted by these reflections, which had just happened within a week’s time. Therefore, I am  very impressed by the quality and results of this exchange.

Do you have any questions, feedback or would like to share a different opinion, please feel free to leave a comment below.

And, beautiful souls, always

“Remember to Stay Human”, in memory of Vittorio Arrigoni