“What a great opportunity to meet six different cultures, six different mentalities, six different traditions, six different languages, six differently socialized groups in just one place and to recognize that we are the same – We are Human”

What does it mean to be Human, furthermore to stay Human? Can we talk of being a human when the basic human rights are guaranteed to everyone without regard on gender? Who takes record on that?

How can we prevent violence in our neighborhood, furthermore how can we prevent violence based on gender stereotypes? Who creates these stereotypes? Is the abuser the victim or the victim the abuser?

Should we become human right soldiers for those who can not raise their voices?

These types of deeply ethical questions were popping up in the daily discussions in this “Stay Human II” project about “Gender Based Violance” (G.B.V) in Ostra, Italy. We had a strict timetable. This timetable was created during an advanced meeting, in which one participant and the leader of every national group assembled nearly a week before the main exchange.

After establishing the Programme of G.B.V and receiving a first impact of the participants of the Exchange, a very positive and warm feeling raised up within my body, and invoked following premonition:  “Is this Erasmus Plus exchange really going to add value to my personal and professional growth?!”.

The answer to this question may be provided during this project, and beyond…


(“Remember to Stay Human” in memory of Vittorio Arrigoni)