Interview with: Jochem from the Netherlands, 18 years old, and student Government Management at Saxion Deventer

“Oh, Lithuania, that is not a place you go to very often. Why not?” First I didn’t really think of the exchange, but more of the experience of traveling. And then I finally really enjoyed the exchange and I would love to do it another time. If I get the chance, it is my true aim to become a leader.

As part of non-formal learning you get an exercise from a leader or group (sometimes groups are coming up with an activity) and by experiencing and doing it, you will experience much more about yourself and about your personality. You learn about who you are and who you want to be. Also, you learn to see how to see your qualities. My talents I was aware of, really got strengthened. For example my ability to connect to people and to connect people to each other.

“You learn about who you are and who you want to be”

I feel like I grew as a person after I participated in a youth exchange. I think more about the effects my actions can have on others and how I should approach different people, because every person needs another way of contact. As I am getting more experienced in this, it is becoming easier every time. One of the moments that taught me a lot of contact with others, was the intercultural night during the exchange. After I saw the presentation of the Finnish people, it became much easier to connect with them.

While the Lead the Change youth exchange to Lithuania was my first one, I hope that other ones will follow up.

I made the following programmes possible;

Lead the Change 2 – 2017

Big Questions of Life 2 – 2017